We’ve all been there -­ under the pressure of hosting the birthday bash or in charge of your company’s Christmas party. It’s overwhelming, and half the time you’re left guessing on whether or not you have everything you need. Scary? Absolutely.

Hey there, we are the team at KGE Inc. We don’t want you to waste away your weeks before the party stressing out. For whatever reason, the genetic lottery blessed us with an innate ability to plan and execute events ­ – and actually like it.


Live events are so important for creating connections, teambuilding, and morale, but planning an event can be a stressful undertaking. We will ensure that you get more enjoyment and less stress out of your event by:

  • Ensuring we understand your vision and the purpose of your event
  • Working within your budget and timeline
  • Communicating with you throughout the planning process to eliminate unwanted surprises post-event
  • Problem-solving when met with the unexpected, so you can focus your time and energy elsewhere
  • Delivering an event that helps you achieve your goals

We’re ready to work on your next event. Whether you’re looking for someone to plan the whole thing or just for a nudge in the right direction, KGE has got you covered.

Our individual differences, lived experiences, knowledge, and self-expression are what makes us unique and strong. KGE Inc. is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We will always treat our clients with respect and dignity, and will never discriminate based on age, ability, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Memberships & Certifications

Our team is always growing and learning! Involvement in industry associations and continuing education is a very important way to stay connected and up to date.

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