Why Promotional Events Are Important

Why Promotional Events Are Important

Have you ever planned a big launch for a product or service? Did the launch include any sort of actual event? Of course it did! Or if it didn’t, you might be missing out on a great opportunity to promote whatever it is you are trying to sell. Events, whether physical or otherwise, get people engaged. You want that for your business, right? This is why promotional events are important.

Planning a launch for a new business, product, service, or idea is certainly strategic. It’s about more than just popping on an “open” sign, or publishing a website and calling it good. In fact, you should probably consider taking a look at my recent post titled How to Create a Focused & Organized Event Marketing Plan for some ideas and steps to follow. Though my post is event-specific, concepts there can and certainly should be applied to any marketing campaign.

But back to promotional events. These specific types of events can be open houses, grand openings, exclusive shopping parties, information sessions, and so much more. Events like these are designed to start a conversation about your business. For example, you might want to bring people into your store, discuss a new product, or show off your restaurant or event space. In each of these situations, and many more, hosting an event can be one of the most effective ways gain exposure.

Anyone that is willing to attend an event about your product is probably reasonably interested in what you are offering. Those are the people that you want to be able to connect with face to face, and getting the opportunity to pitch yourself is easy when you invite them to do something cool.

This is why promotional events work.

If people are interested in your business, they’ll attend your event. And if they come out to your event and chat with you face to face, these prospective clients are so much more likely to actually purchase something from you, or hire you to do some work, than they would have been otherwise.

This is why online entrepreneurs are forever doing webinars. These are basically information sessions. Though you don’t get to physically speak to potential customers, the effect is very similar. You’re able to interact through technology and they can ask questions and provide comments via a chat function. I’m not sure what the stats are on webinars versus physical information sessions, but I can say that I know both are effective and each has its advantages. Webinars allow your market to be the world, while information sessions give you that personal, human touch with each potential client.

Promotional events have distinct advantages over other methods of advertising. Don’t get me wrong, ad campaigns can certainly be effective… But typically these work better as lead generation platforms, not in actually making the sale. If you want to close on sales, hold an event that all your qualified leads can attend and watch the magic happen.

Promotional events provide that human touch to any marketing campaign, so don’t short-change your business by relying on impersonal marketing only!

Happy Planning!


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