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What Exactly Does an Event Planner Do?

As an event planner, I appreciate that my friends and family can be some of my greatest supporters, helping me to build my portfolio and gain experience, and backing me in all of my small business endeavours. But I find far too often that people I know are pretty clueless about the type of work that I do and what it encompasses. And if my close friends and family aren’t really sure about what I can do to help, how am I supposed to convince other people to hire me? In order to combat this issue, I’m going to shed some light on this topic. What exactly does an event planner do?

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What is an event? As an event professional, I know that they really are all around us.

What is an Event?

What is an event? If you’re not in the industry, you may not realize just how predominant events are in the world today. There are so many things that require a specific skill set to plan and execute. As someone who lives and breathes the event world, there are just a plethora of projects that I want to work on and it’s hard to narrow things down! Events really are all around us.

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