Event industry stability - should i be worried? Short answer: No.

Event Industry Stability – Should I Be Worried?

If you’re not in the industry, you may not realize that almost everything is an event. I love having a variety of projects on the go, which means that this world is a great one for me. But it also means that explaining to people what I do can be difficult, and that potential clients might not even understand the services I can provide! Talk about small biz challenges. And even aside from that, event industry stability is always in question.

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5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Professional to make your event planning easy

5 Reasons You Should Hire an Event Professional

Planning any event involves so many details; sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. And more than that, if you’re new to putting an event together, you might not even know where to start. Event projects are complex, and often you only have one shot to get everything right. There are no do-overs in the event world, and this is why you should hire an event professional.

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A Poker-Themed Party

At the beginning of June, I worked with a client on her husband’s birthday party. It was his 50th and that is a big year, so even though this is an annual event for them, she wanted to make this one even bigger and better! As a result, she chose a poker theme and decided to do a bit more with decor than usual. I addition, I brought in a food truck to cater the event so that they could both enjoy the day a little more.

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A Celebration of Life on the Water

When I became an event planner, I never really considered planning funerals or celebrations of life as something I could do. I don’t have much desire to plan too many sombre affairs, but I am very thankful to have been part of this celebration of life. Rather than a sad affair, it was about remembering the full life that was lived, sharing stories, and connecting with each other. There were, of course, sad moments, but overall I really would say this was a celebration.

The venue certainly helped to make this feel a lot more special. When the client called me ten days from the date of the event, asking for somewhere unique and interesting to hold the ceremony, I was excited to get to work. That afternoon I came up with the idea of holding it on a boat – the Edmonton Queen Riverboat to be exact.

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A Pink Graduation Party

This project was one of the first I took on when I decided I was going to really give this whole “running my own business” thing a try. I was contacted by a lady that was putting together a family commencement party for her granddaughter. She already had the venue booked, and needed some help pulling together some pink-themed decor, including a photo backdrop.

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Open for Business!

It’s official – I’m giving it a shot.

I’ve quit my day job and I’m pursuing running my own event planning company full-time, at least for now. It was kind of a crazy decision to make, but I just really felt that I needed to try this. Maybe it won’t work and I’ll end up going crawling back to the corporate or nonprofit world… but at least in that case I’ll have tried.

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