An Olive Oil Tasting

I had a client contact me with an interest in putting together an olive oil tasting event. She is in the health and wellness sector, so she wanted to invite a group of her peers to take part in this unique event in order to make new connections and have a little bit of fun. I loved this idea because I just think it is so different from the usual networking events – you know… random food, awkward interaction. This concept gave the group something totally different to do together.

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A 50th Anniversary Party

50 years together is a crazy milestone to celebrate with any couple, but I was lucky enough to be able to put together a party to celebrate the 50 years my own grandparents have spent together. My mom, my aunt, and I worked together to plan a surprise party for them. Keeping it a secret was not without its trials and tribulations, but in the end all the work and sneaking around was worth it. We were able to surprise them with a magical evening full of laughter, friends, and family.

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A Poker-Themed Party

At the beginning of June, I worked with a client on her husband’s birthday party. It was his 50th and that is a big year, so even though this is an annual event for them, she wanted to make this one even bigger and better! As a result, she chose a poker theme and decided to do a bit more with decor than usual. I addition, I brought in a food truck to cater the event so that they could both enjoy the day a little more.

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