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What Exactly Does an Event Planner Do?

As an event planner, I appreciate that my friends and family can be some of my greatest supporters, helping me to build my portfolio and gain experience, and backing me in all of my small business endeavours. But I find far too often that people I know are pretty clueless about the type of work that I do and what it encompasses. And if my close friends and family aren’t really sure about what I can do to help, how am I supposed to convince other people to hire me? In order to combat this issue, I’m going to shed some light on this topic. What exactly does an event planner do?

specialization by type of event

There are different types of planners in the event industry. Some individuals specialize in an extremely specific niche. For example, planners could focus on weddings, corporate events, non-profit events, or in other types of events. And even within that, a wedding planner could specialize in weddings in general, or small weddings, or large weddings, or destination weddings, or geek weddings, or same sex weddings. The possibilities for specialization in weddings are extremely varied. And it is the same in other areas of event planning. Some people work on fundraising events, or concerts, or conferences, or promotional events. Portfolios and specializations range from very specific to very general.

Specialization by Planning Area

Aside from specializing by type of event, some planners focus on a certain area of the planning. Some are experts at project management, sponsorship, logistics, decor, marketing,  volunteer management, or any combination of the above. Often multiple event professionals can work together to make one event happen, each overseeing a different area.

But ultimately, event planners are the people that can just make things happen. You can have an event planner do anything that the project needs. Seriously, I can guarantee that if you ask an event professional for help with anything event-related, he or she will have some ideas. We’ve all worked on such a wide range of projects with different needs that tackling new problems or ideas has become a skill in itself.

So, what can i do for you?

I write above about some very specific niches in the event industry, but the truth is that I am still figuring mine out. Variety in my projects is something that I love, but I can definitely say that there are a few areas that are really my sweet spot.

I’m excellent at event logistics, timelines, and execution, as well as managing a project from start to finish. Sitting down to come up with a plan to pull something off that has never happened before is one of my favourite things to do. I also love to delve in to event strategy, making sure that your makes sense (in fact, I’ve previously written a blog post on this very topic).

I have a background in fundraising events so am knowledgeable about how to maximize funds raised, and I have a particular love for concerts and live events.

That being said, I love working on every event project I can possibly get my hands on, so don’t ever be worried that something is “not really my thing”. If you have an event happening, I’d love to help you with it.

The Short Answer: I do it all

I can provide a range of services, from full coordination and execution to just pointing clients in the right direction. Whether handling marketing, logistics, venue booking and coordination, day of event management and execution, promotional item sourcing and orders, website management, vendor bookings, volunteer management, or pretty well anything else, I can take on pieces of an event as needed. I mean, I can even make custom hand-stamped jewelry as guest favours!

Basically, I do whatever you need me to. If you are planning an event and need help with a piece of the project puzzle, I can do it. Every package I offer is totally customizable, and I can even quote you on specific areas. Head on over to my Services page to see where it all starts:

Services offered by Kristin Glass Events - What Does An Event Planner Do?

What did your event planner do?

What did I miss? If you’ve worked with someone before, what did your event planner do to help with your project? If you are a planner, let me know the most unique things you’ve done for a client in the comments!

Happy planning!



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What exactly does an event planner do? I'm finding that event my closest friends and family members are not all that sure... so let's shed some light on this! - from Kristin Glass Events

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