What is an event? As an event professional, I know that they really are all around us.

What is an Event?

What is an event? If you’re not in the industry, you may not realize just how predominant events are in the world today. There are so many things that require a specific skill set to plan and execute. As someone who lives and breathes the event world, there are just a plethora of projects that I want to work on and it’s hard to narrow things down! Events really are all around us.

Weddings are events, obviously. The wedding industry is one of the most well-known areas that people like me work in. Being a wedding planner sounds like a gloriously fun job, but I promise it’s not all cakes and rings and dresses. Planning a wedding can involve everything from strategizing about seating chart issues and smoothing over problems with difficult family members, to making quick dress repairs or propping up the cake as it’s falling apart. You never know what issues your wedding planner is going to deal with that you won’t even end up noticing, because that’s what you hired them to do.

Meetings and conferences are a whole different type of event. They are less personal, more formal, and more strategic. Every single decision you make when planning a corporate event like these must be made with your goals in mind, and hiring an expert can help you to do this. I love really digging in to the reasoning behind the event in order to create the best plan possible for execution.

Businesses hold promotional gatherings or run campaigns that are basically marketing events. Having an event planner on board for this can help to maximize the possibility of achieving your goals while making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. These types of events are definitely strategic, but don’t necessarily need to be pieced together as carefully as some other types of corporate events. Marketing events are always a success if people show up, but sometimes making that happen can be more difficult that you would imagine.

Award shows, live productions, sports games, and concerts are also events, and these are some of the areas that I am most intrigued by in the industry. These major  events have so many moving pieces, and I love the fact that they are absolutely live. In the case of sporting events, you don’t event know the outcome at the end of the evening, no matter how carefully you plan. But there is always someone behind the scenes pulling the strings, controlling every aspect of the live event that they possibly can.

It’s difficult to define exactly what constitutes an event because the term is just so broad. Basically, an event is anything that brings together a group of people for a specific reason, usually in celebration or for enjoyment. These gatherings can happen for special occasions, in connecting with a launch or promotional campaign, or even just for fun. Sometimes events aren’t quite as happy, but there’s always a good feeling when bringing together a group of people.

What is an event? I hope I’ve helped to provide at least a bit of an answer to that question for you today. Events really are all around us, and one of the reasons I love being in this industry is the broad range of projects to which I can contribute. As you can see, it’s difficult to define exactly what you do as an event planner, but the fact that possibilities are endless can be a good thing.



What is an event? As an event professional, I know that they really are all around us.
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